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Acronis Images being split to 2GB files. Want server images in one file

Acronis newbie.  Trying to use it as a nightly backup solution.  Lots of issues with the setup but most annoying at this point is that i cannot get it to stop splitting the imasge files.
1 Solution
I think you are probably saving the image on a FAT32 formatted drive.. The maximum file size is 2GB on FAT32.. You will need to convert the drive to NTFS first and then you can have bigger files..
jbriley3Author Commented:
No.  The drive is NTFS.
Are you sure that the drive you are using to STORE the image is NTFS?
jbriley3Author Commented:
Yes, it's NTFS on a Windows 2003 Server R2
If you are using Acronis group server then you will have this problem.

Here is a possible solution:
1. First create a folder on your backup server and share it for everyone (just for now)
2. Setup a new task for your server.
3. In the backup location do not select Acronis Backup Server. Instead, browse to your backup server in my network places (username: domain\administrator account Password: Your password) and select the folder that you made in #1
4. Continue with the task setup until you come to your backup options.
5. Choose custom and make sure Archive Splitting is on automatic
6.Finish making the task.

Now run the task and you should now have an individual .TIB file located in the shared folder you made.

Hope that helped
jbriley3Author Commented:
It worked, but found out since that Acronis wants to save images sent to the acronis server location in 2GB chunks.  Thanks a lot.
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