Do these routers support MPLS?

Do these routers support MPLS? If so, are there any hardware requirements, like a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2?
Is there a minimum IOS version for using MPLS? I curently run 12.4(11)T.
Do you know of any configration/reference guides that would be helpful with desiging/configuring MPLS on these routers?
Do you know of any caveats or gotcha's with implementing MPLS on these routers?
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They both support MPLS with that IOS levels. I believe you may need the advanced IP services load.
Here is the configuration guide 
PS yes you need a  WIC-1DSU-T1-V2 interface if you have a T1 circuit coming in from your provider.
keatsconAuthor Commented:

    Thank you for the fast response, it is appreciated!

    Are there any special hardware requiremetns for using MPLS on these routers?
    Or can I use one of my FastEthernet ports for the MPLS?
You will get handed a T1 from your provider as MPLS is a layer 2 (kinda) protocol. You will need a CSU/DSU T1 interface.
If you get handed an Ethernet connection you won't be running MPLS over it.
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