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So I have a very strict environment but want to allow users to install things like EXCEL add-ons and potentially install programs.  So just curious, if I add the users to the restricted groups portion of the gpo will they be able to overrride many of the s tricter settings I have such as not being able to map/unmap drives, can't see any local drives, etc that i have set?  Guess the big question is will a local admin be able to override domain wide GPO settings?

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Local admin will not be able to overide any GPO settings of the GPO on a grand scheme. Basically local admin will not affect the GPO settings on the network or any other machines. However, Local Admins have full control of machines regardless of GPO settings.

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Question: Will a Local Admin be able to override domain wide GPO settings?

Answer: Depends. On settings that affect how he /she interacts with that specific computer then the answer is yes. However the Local Admin account on any one machine only has authority over that machine, and cannot affect policies that prevent access to network resources / items not controlled by the machine.
dlabbadia01Author Commented:

I'll wing it and see what happens.   I'm not worried about network access, more what they do to their virtual desktops.  Right now they can't do anything at all but I need to loosen it up so trying to find the right balance.  Will award you both some pointizzles.

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