How d I install Sage V 10 Batch controller on SBS2003

We have a new SBS2003 server from SBS2000. We are getting an error on the SQL program side if SQL is running on the server. If we run it from an XP workstation it runs OK. We want to run it off the server as this is the only machine we can gurantee is on all the time. The error message says "DBNETLIB[(connection open(connect()).] SQL server does not exist or access denied. We checked the services and it is running! any help would be appreciated
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
I am not a SQL guy, but the SQL present in SBS std is for use with basic SBS services. You either need SBS premium which comes with full SQL and create an instance for your application, or install the database that comes with your BV application. Have you done either of the latter 2 items?
Bri-MckAuthor Commented:
I have SBS standard, The Sage Line 50 Batch controller comes with a version of MS SQL desktop software which appears to be running on the server. Ive tried updating patches from the MS website to SP 4, but this didn't work.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
As mentioned I am of no help with SQL, but Googling does suggest that error can be simply permissions, however I do not know how to set the permissions.
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Bri-MckAuthor Commented:
When I googled, I found out  that the MSDE SQL version I am installing is MSQL2000 SP2. There is some data suggesting it needs to be patched to SP 4 to work on SBS2003. I tried to run the patch but couldn't get it to work.

Thanks for the feedback!
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The following article, which outlines how to install, implies it is installed by default with SBS SP1, which I did not think was the case. Do you have SP1 installed? If not, please see below as the sequence is important. You can verify the current SQL SP level by going to enterprise management, right click on the server name and choose properties, and under version of the general tab it will tell you the SP#

There are very specific instructions for installing SP1 on SBS. There are actually 5 installs (7 if you have SBS premium). See the following link for details and pitfalls.
   Windows Server 2003 SP1
   Exchange Server 2003 SP1
   Windows SharePoint Services SP1
   Windows Small Business Server 2003 Update KB891193 for Windows XP Service Pack 2
   Windows Small Business Server 2003 SP1
If you have SBS premium then you will also need:
   ISA 2004 SP1
   SQL 2000 SP4 (supplied on CD)
The following article outlines this very nicely and also lists potential problems and some hardware vendor specific issues you can run into:
Do not attempt to install SP2 until the above is complete.
You may want to review some of the known issues before proceeding with SP2:
Bri-MckAuthor Commented:
Hi Rob, We were already running SP2 on sbs2003 standard before I attempted to install my sage 2003 V10 Batch Controller SQL MSDE SP2. Do you think this may have installed over the top and caused the problem?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
No I don't thinks so. I would just verify SP4 hasn't already been installed by an automatic update or SP. You may have already checked, but if not, it might explain why it won't install. You seldom get an "already installed" message in that situation but rather something like incompatible, or product doesn't meet required spec.
Bri-MckAuthor Commented:
Today, I loaded the MSDT SQL program on an XP client on the network. Then set the Sage Batch controller config file to point at that and hey presto it works fine!  So I am concluding that the version of SQL that comes with version 10 of Sage Batch Controller is not compatible with SBS2003.

The annoying thing about all of this is that I paid a few thousand pounds and 5 years of maintenance fees when I bought this package from sage and have only called for tech support once. I am out of contract now. When I contacted them and local Sage dealers to ask about compatability non of them would answer that simple quation without me sigining up for a years maintenece contract or a full days consultancy of £500.

I hope that this blog helps some other poor fellow who only needs to know that installing the SQL oserver on a client gets the whole system working agiain when upgrading your server from SBS2000 to SBS2003!

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Glad to hear you were able to resolve Bri-Mck. It may be a conflict specifically with SBS and still work on Server 2003 std, as most things that are compatible with XP will work on 2003.
Thanks for updating.
Cheers !
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