Dell SAS 6/IR ?

I'm having an issue with drive space on one backup server running on new M600's with two 75gb drives attached to a SAS Raid Controller version 6/IR.
Both drives are mirrored for the OS with two partitions C and D:
I manage these via DOM 5.5 and the latest Driver and Firmware updates as far as what DOM reports

I found two 146gb drives and replaced each drive one at a time letting each one rebuild itself.

Afterwords I check DOM and find out that it did detect the size of the new disks however, the space available options shows 0.0 even though it's only using half the space. So basically it did not pick up the extra free space.

Just so nobody rushes to say you can't do that, I have done this on a Raid5 Array on a 2650-2850 with no issues. It sees the free space and it allows you to J"create a new virtual disk" in DOM 5.x

To troubleshoot I made the partitions dynamic. I removed the page file, then enabled the volume shadow copy service (allows you to use diskpart) rebooted but I still run into the same issue. It says cannot create new virtual disk for a bunch of crappy reasons.

Can someone give me the lowdown on this? I'm assuming I should be able to do this in the 21st century shouldn't I or is that too much to ask?
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I don't think that you are able to do this...

The RAID array has created a logical disk that has certain properties (Size, Cyl, etc) and it is assuming that any disk you put into it is going to fall within those same properties. So when you create a LOGICAL disk out of two PHYSICAL disks it is going to report the size of the disks to DOM as what it was configured as initially.

I think you are going to have to let the mirroring occur, then go into the RAID controller BIOS and delete and then re-create the mirrored RAID volume so it can update and change the size of the LOGICAL disk to match the size of the new PHYSICAL disks.

I am not sure how you did this previously on a different array...

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snyderkvAuthor Commented:
How I did this previously on a different array was just as I described above. The DOM recognized the extra disk space and I was able to create a new virtual disk out of it.

Anyways does your method of going into the bios and deleting and recreating the volume mean losing data? Thats not exactly an option for me but I guess if I did a backup I could do this.

Anyways thanks a bunch
If it is a mirror setup then it should detect the data that is already on there and you should be good to go. Obviously you would want a backup though before you start, just in case.
Depends whether it is a PERC Controller ( Expanadable ) the cheaper SAS is not  a PERC so you may have to backup, wipe and recreate, or see if the diskpart util will work.

I hope this helps !
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
Ok I fiddled around with it. SvsExpert is right, iI believe it's a cheap ass SAS with non expandable drives. Thats why DOM doesent give me any options under physical drives.

Anyways I have an image so I will have to blow away the drives and recreate it with the newer size and then restore the image to the larger drives. Easy enough I guess..
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