HttpUrlConnection GetInputStream()

I am working on a Linux machine coding in Java... I am using HttpUrlConnection GetInputStream() to download files from a site

The problem is that it will only download files with certain extensions, such as .txt, mpeg, sql and so on.
But I need to download many media files such as .flv, .avi  
I realise that .flv and .avi is not recognised on my Linux machine, because when I type in Http:// in the browser, it comes back with page not found.

how can i get around this problem?

Many thanks...
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chingmdConnect With a Mentor Commented:

This is a default setup for IIS.   Unknown file types are not served.

Here is the Microsoft KB article on how to create an generic unknown mime type to allow fro download via octet-stream.
Veriy that the file truly exists.   Double check capitolization.  
You can also try the command:  wget

There are many ways to obsfucate locations of files.

zeraxis_eeAuthor Commented:
Thanks... you were right about the .avi.

However, the problem still remains. If I am trying to download files where the file type is unknown, it will not download. For example .flv .properties etc.

I double checked that the files exist in the file system, but when I am trying to open in the browser, because it is unknown file type... I get page cannot be found. The web application, where the files are being downloaded from is running on IIS... I am guessing I need to set something on IIS to recognise those files.

Any ideas?

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