Will manually changing time on a PDC Emulator break kerberos?

I have a small W2k3 domain with no internet connectivity. It has 4 DC's and 45 XP work stations. Time sync is working fine with all the workstations and DC's get their time from the PDC emulator. The PDC gets its time from the BIOS. Since the PDC can not connect to an authoritative time source on the Internet I just manually set it's clock. If I manually change the time on the PDC by about ten minute to get it closer to "real" time will that cause an authentication problem  with the clients and KERBEROS since they will be temporairly out of sync with the server until the next time they "sync up" or will they adjust to the PDC's time before any authentication problems would arise?
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Darius GhassemConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There should be no problems adjusting the time of the PDC to reflect the correct time. The clients will sync with the time the PDC has. You can still wait after hours to change the time of the PDC. If a problem does arise which it shouldn't you can run this command w32tm /resync to resync the affected clients.
dariusq is correct.
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