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How to read a mdmp file and identify the cause of the crash.

I run a game server company. Latley a particular game application (srcds.exe) has been crashing without producing any sort of error messages except for the mdmp file.

I believe the mdmp file will have the info I need to find out the cause of the crash. I tried to use Visual Studio 2008 but it gives me an error about Symbols not loaded. What are these Symbols?

Could sombody please explain how I would go about reading this mdmp file?

By the way I tried to attach the mdmp file but expert-exchange won't allow. So I renamed it to txt. Please rename it back to mdmp. I have more mdmp files
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Symbols not loaded means that the Debugger couldn't find a symbol map... it uses a Symbol map in order to determine the names of subroutines and such...  

You can load the OS'es debug symbols from 'debugging dlls'.

They're loaded from a directory pointed to by a system variable, called "_NT_SYMBOL_PATH"

You set this on the system variables tab.

Or, better, you can set it up in the
dialog box.

You include the debug symbols versions of system and application dlls here.  Things like kernel32.dll, ntdll.dll, etc).

Hope this helps,

Also, since you're working with CounterStrike, check out this blog entry...


ultramooAuthor Commented:
Thanks both of your posts were what I was looking for.
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