How to backup MS SQL Workgroup

I just iupgraded my Small Bussiness Server 2003 from standard to PREMIUM. The premium package contains MS SQL 2005 Workgroup and I am using MS SQL for a few applications. I dont know what software do I use to back it up. Can I use NT Backup ?
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SQLSharkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will have to backup each component separately.  Exchange has its own backup requirements, and you won't be able to use NT backup for that either.  However, Exchange is not my field.  I would open  a separate question in the appropriate zone for each component that you need to know how to back up.

As for me, I would really appreciate it if you would award me the points for this question.  Thank you for your consideration.
lundnakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Was SQL Server Management Studio installed on the server?

See the following link.
The short answer is that NT backup will not backup your database for you because the data file is ALWAYS in use.  You need to use the SQL Backup included with MS SQL 2005.

If SQL Server Management Studo was not installed on the server (or even if it was), you can use the SQL installation disk to install the client applications on your workstation (in this case SQL Server Management Studio).

Once you have SQL Server Management Studio installed and connected to your database, just right-click on the database in the Object Explorer window, select All Tasks, and select backup database.

You can perform a one-time backup or you can set up a "Maintenance  Plan" which will do recurring backups on a schedule you specify.  I like to do my backups to disk (instead of tape) and then let my file backup solution back up the SQL backup file to tape with the rest of the files.

You can read this topic for more in-depth information on backups.
cuteo408Author Commented:
Thanks alot  SQLShark,

You said that I can not use NT backup to backup SQL because the data file is always in use. Do you think I can backup my sbs2003 my C: drive using NT Backup ? Would it affect System backup since SQL data file is always in use ? Or do I have to backup my system state and Exchange server separately ?

For SQL backup, I am planning to backup it up on one of the workstation computer.
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