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This is a do-over.  Previous answer worked on WS, but not server.

How do I delay the start of a member server (or 1 service)?  HP DL320 G5 installed with Smart Start 8.1.  Previous solution did not work on the server, but I used it on workstations.  Specifically, we need to delay the start of the server approximately 5 minutes after powered on.  This allows the application server to fully boot before the member server "services" start looking for it.  If the member server starts after the application server is up, the service fails.  Actually we are only trying to delayt the start of one service on the member server.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
"BootPause" is only valid for Exchange, not for any service.

Simply install the recovery console as boot option (run winnt32.exe /cmdcons); then change the default timeout of 30 seconds in boot.ini to 300 or whatever you need.
Another option is to simply duplicate the line under [operating systems], and change the timeout. As long as there is more than one option under [operating systems], Windows will wait for the specified time before starting the default OS.

Add the following registry key to the Parameters for YourServiceName.  This is in seconds. 120 is kinda long. YMMV
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\YourServiceName\Parameters BootPause 120
wwakefieldAuthor Commented:
Duplicated teh OS line and changed the delay to 600 seconds.  Changing the delay alone does not work.  Thanks!
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