Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0: Business Units vs. Teams

In setting up a CRM implementation, I created a top level Business Unit with a single level of child business units.  My goal is to set it up in a way to allow some users to see all business unit data and some to see only their own business unit.  This works fine.  HOWEVER, my company needs some people to be able to enter data for two business units, so essentially, they need to be assigned to two business units.

From everything I have seen and read, this is not possible.  Is that correct?

Based on that, I have started down the path of using Teams and Sharing.  This should work fine, but I was wondering if there is a way to automate this process.  For example, when an Opportunity is created, can the system automatically Share with specified Teams?
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Hi there.

Yes you are correct up to a point. The business unit security allows you to share across business units but only in a limited way. The rules are (from memory)

Cannot say any data other than your own
Can see your own business unit
Can see your own business unit and subordinate business units
Can see all business units

Potentially if your structure allows it (and it sounds like it might) you could use the third option by using a subordinate (child) business unit and then put the users that need to see both business units in the parent unit with the child business unit being the one that holds the other data.

As to the other question. Not sure. Don't have a test box in front of me right now but if nobody else chimes in I'll check it out and get back to you. Workflow is what I have in mind. If that doesn't work you could write a plugin that will do it. This wouldn't be a complex piece of code but you would need to be familiar with C# and .net to do it.
KSBrAuthor Commented:
Thank you for validating.  Using child Business Units will not be an option for us because the business units that a particular user might need to see are not static.  One user might need to see BU1 and BU2 and the next user might need to see BU2 and BU3.

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