VS 2005 Reference Problem With Version Number

I have successfully compiled a program that references several dlls. The program runs fine in the IDE but when installed I get the error below that indicates a version problem. The referenced dll has version while the calling dll is looking for version Okay, I deleted the reference in the calling dll and then put in a reference to the correct dll. When the reference is added, its properties show version but its manifest shows version I also removed and replaced the reference to the dll in the main program and the same thing happens. So, what can I do to get the version numbers in agreement? Note that the calling dll has Specific Version set to False but that doesn't seem to make a difference. The main program is VB and the calling dll is C#, but that should be immaterial. The called dll is skybound.visualstyles.dll.
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Do you have your assembly version hard coded, or are you using the * feature?
[assembly: AssemblyVersion ( "" )]
[assembly: AssemblyVersion ( "1.5.*" )] ?
rkulpAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your quick response. The main program is hard coded as and the tri-state tree view dll is coded as 1.0.*. The skybound.visualstyles.dll manifest shows but I don't know if that indicates it was hard coded. The problem is with skybound.visualstyles.dll which I cannot change.
rkulpAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem. As usual, the error messages are multi-layered and sometimes are misleading. After removing the two dlls and recompiling the tristatetreeview I got down to the true problem -- a mismatched 32-bit vs 64-bit assembly. Once that was resolved by recompiling the main program to be x86 only, the program worked.

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