Looking to create a Batch file to open and Close Excel

I have a batch file that copies a file, then opens Excel, Excel runs vba code then closes the workbook, but leaves Excel open.

What is the cmd lline to quit an application and do I need some kind of pause in the batch file to allow for the vba code to run before quiting the applicaton.

echo Please wait. Installation in progress.
copy "\\server1\instr2\LEDR\Instr\LEDR_Instr.xls" /r "\\server1\instr2\LEDR\Instr\FTE-Instr WS.xls" /r
rem del "\\server1\instr2\LEDR\Instr\LEDRVis.txt"
start "msexcel.exe" "\\server1\instr2\LEDR\Instr\LEDR_NIGHTLY Processing.xls"
rem taskkill /f /im msexcel.exe
goto end

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dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
You might have to use Kixtart to do that if there isn't anything in VBA to do what you want.


If you are interested look at the SendKeys function to close down the application.
I don't know of anything you can do in batch to kill an application.

Put the exit from Excel in your VBA script.

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what if you add /wait to the start command that launches Excel...it shouldn't run the taskill until excel returns control to the batch file...
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