Best practices for Cisco 506e VPN concurrent connections

We have a 506e and several remote sites that remote into the appliance. I'd like to run the VPN client on each site and leave the VPN client connected most of the time. Are there performance issues or security issues in this type of thing? Also, does anyone know how many concurrent connections of the VPN client a 506e will handle?

Thank you.
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decoleurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the perfomance issues would result from the processing overhead to encrypt and decrypt traffic, here is the performance information from the 506E datasheet:

" Cleartext throughput: Up to 100 Mbps
" Concurrent connections: 25,000
" 56-bit DES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 20 Mbps
" 168-bit 3DES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 16 Mbps
" 128-bit AES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 30 Mbps
" 256-bit AES IPSec VPN throughput: Up to 25 Mbps
" Simultaneous VPN peers: 25*
* Maximum number of simultaneous site-to-site or remote access IKE Security Associations (SAs) supported

you should try to use at least 3des for your encryption algo.

hope this helps,

dacITAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thanks for the info. I thought I looked everywhere, but this is great!
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