USB connections in hyper-v

I have a Dell 2900 server running Server 2008. I created a virtual machine running XP for test purposes. The driver for the nic did not get installed. I downloaded the server 2003 driver from Dell since they did not have one for XP. I put the driver on a flash driver but the virtual machine does not see the flash drive.

How can I get the driver installed in XP. I could probably burn it to CD but I'd like to get the VM to see the USB drive
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dfxdeimosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no native support. Here are two software programs that can do the job:

But of course they will only work when you get your network drivers installed. =]

Until then use:

To add the files to an ISO and mount that ISO inside the VM.
Yay for posting the first Google link! =X

That is a $400 device, FYI.
If you want something you got to pay for it sometimes....

Here a question and an answer:\
I have heard that Hyper-V of Windows 2008 does not support USB (similar to
the current Virtual Server and Virtual PC)

Is that true?

Here a statement of the virtualiziation program manager of Microsoft:
Correct.  What are your reasons for needing USB on a server virtual
machine? (note that VMware ESX does not support USB either).

Benjamin Armstrong
Windows Virtualization Program Manager
ajdratchAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I didn't realize usb was not supported. I burnt the drivers to CD.
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