Accessing Web Service From Unmanaged C++ Application

I have a 12 year old legacy C++ client server application that has been recently migrated from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio.Net 2008 as an unmanaged, stand alone MFC GUI application.  There now is a need to access a SOAP Web Service directly from within this C++ code.

I have little previous experience interfacing to Web Services, but from my research I understand that VS 2008 wizards will abstract the Web Service for managed code by creating classes that hide all of the communication and XML translation functionality.  My question is - how can I do something similar from my C++ application and avoid writing all of the detailed code myself?

Are there articles describing how to do this or freeware available thay may be used for this purpose?  Lacking those, is there any reaonably priced shareware or commercial software that could be used?
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