Need to program PIC18F452 in order to transmit data through Serial Port

PIC Schema:

PIC Diagram:

Board Schematic:

I have got my own PIC and I need to write a program that can read the temperature and then transmit it through the serial port so I can read it from my PC.

the links above have some information about the PIC and the board I'm working on, and if you need more information you can go to: which is all about the same board I'm using, or you can ask if you need more help!

Any Ideas?

This is my board:
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Mc7400Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Here is a list of some temperature applications that have source code you can download and modify to your needs.

The Sensational Quozls Temperature Sensor!:


GPS and temperature logger on PIC:

Log up to 8 temperatures to a PC using RS232:

2.3 " Digital thermometer:

2 channel LM35DZ temperature sensor project : Japanese

PIC based climate controller:

Three channel fan speed controller for PC

The Reflow Soldering Oven with LCD Display:

There are many temperature applications here:

Temperature controller with IR connectivity: No source code but binary.

Fully featured automatic aquarium controller:
The aquarium project download file: No source code, binary only.

Please don't hesitate to contact for further assistance.


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