list (List) where the first value has supported repeated

good night, I need to create a list (List) where the first value has supported repeated, for example
1, aaaa
1, bbbb
1, cccc
also to indicate as those values can be read
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Anurag ThakurConnect With a Mentor Technical ManagerCommented:
i didnt paste the complete working code
i just gave you the prototype of the class which you can use to add in a generic list <T> and then you have use the bottom addition into the list to add to the list items and then later bind that to the dropdown
Can you describe this a little bit more?
Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
you can create a class with two members and add that class in list

class test
   public int i;
   publci text = string.Empty;
   public test()

    public void test(int I, string Text)
        i = I;
        text = Text;

List <test> list = new List<test> ();
list.Add(new text(1, "aaaa");
list.Add(new text(1, "bbbb");
list.Add(new text(1, "cccc");
enrique_aeoAuthor Commented:
Hi, i have this error (view file)
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