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project file cannot be found ?

I copied the folders containing a Visual Studio 2005 solution to a new drive.
When I opened the solution, the error was "project file could not be found"
and none of the file or folders was opened. How can I fix this ?
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1 Solution
When you say you copied the folders from one drive to another, do you mean, you copied from say the C: drive to the D: drive in the same computer?  Or, did you copy the folders from the C: drive on Computer A to the C: drive on Computer B?

If the former -- meaning, you copied from the C: drive to the D: drive, I suspect your solution file (the .sln file) is expecting to find the .csproj project file on your C: drive, and cannot find it on the D: drive.  I am not 100% sure if this will work, but it is something to try.

Locate the project's solution (.SLN) file -- this is created by default in your My Documents, Visual Studio 2005, Projects directory.  Find the folder of your project below here.  Inside this folder you will find the .SLN file.  After making a copy of your .SLN file as a precaution, open this file in NOTEPAD.  Near the top you will see where it references the physical path to your project.  Try changing the C:\ drive in the physical path to D:\ (or whatever drive letter you copied to) and see if that doesn't do the trick.

pillmillAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I copied the files from one computer to a second one.

Is the project on the same physical hard drive as it was on the first computer?  Meaning, if you had it on C: on computer A, is it also on C: on Computer B.  What is the physical path to your project?  Are you sure you copied all files associated with it?

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