laptop pinged and ex/stlker may have had access to download other software to keep track of me

He is able to tell when an email is coming from my laptop - no matter who is logged on using it.. (it- not from my email accounts) How do i find if he installed something and get rid of it-  and also not allow my laptop to be pinged- whatever that means...?
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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
Best thing to do is wipe the laptop and restore the operating system from scratch.  Otherwise you spend alot of time and/or money to figure this out.  

The way to find out is to put a sniffer on the machine and/or run antivirus software.  If he had access to the computer he could have hid it well so it's best to save your files to a CD or usb drive and wipe the system.

My $.02

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I agree with Paulsolov.  It is always best to  reinstall from scratch.  However, if you cannot do this then you might consider using a program called HijackThis.  Download it. Run it. And post the output file  here.  We will be able to decipher the log file to tell you exactly what is running on your computer and how to remove it.

Good Luck.
Check your email program for automatic forwards and Carbon Copies.  Check that he hasn't setup remote messaging and remote logging/administrative alerts.  You don't say what his expertise level is. This would help focus your anxiety.  If he is pinging your computer, that in and of itself is harmless.  But it can be stopped by disabling ping inside your firewall program or your router.  Also review your Installed Programs list and look for anything that says Citrix or other remote access program.  If your own expertise is low, then perhaps "97idegliade" and "Paulsolov" are right in that you can rebuild, backup, and restore in about 3 hours depending.  Otherwise, more info including the Hijack this logs would help.
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