Having problems installing two new linksys switches with GBIC SFP fiber modules between two buildings

I just bought a two new linksys switches and two GBIC fiber modules.  The orginal switches I am replacing had Multimode SC connectors.  The fiber patch box mounted to the wall has ST connectors.  So it orginally had a ST to SC fiber patch cable to connect them.  I bought two new patch cables for the new equipment that goes from ST to LC connectors.  The new fiber modules are Gigabit.  I have tried everything I know to try the only thing I can think of is the new patch cables to convert the connectors have the wrong type of size of fiber cable ?
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Did you try swapping the fiber connectors at one end? There is no guarantee that fiber patch cable have the polarity you need. Often you have to swapyje connectors on one end of a fiber run to get the send port on one switch talking to the receive port on the other switch.

If that's not it, tell me the markings on the cable between the buildings and also ok the patch cables.
What type of multimode fiber is between the fiber patch boxes? 50 or 62.5?
Your fiber patch cables must match.
ComptekhsAuthor Commented:
packetguy the orginal switches with fiber modules was 100 speed and had a SC connector on both switches and on the orginal you have to match both sides up I didnt think itwas reversed.  Do the new LC fiber modules need reversed like that or has it always been like that?
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ComptekhsAuthor Commented:
kdearing does the fiber cable usually have the size marked on the outside what should I do if it doesn't have it marked on the outside?  I bought the same size of fiber patch cable adapters but, I will probably have to have the same sized ones as the cable going between the fiber patch panels then in each building?
ComptekhsAuthor Commented:
I will have to wait until Tuesday to check the sizes out.
ComptekhsAuthor Commented:
I had one idea what if I bought two of those little plastic SC female to LC male adapters that has no fiber cable it just couples the original cable adapter from the old fiber module to the new fiber module with LC connector.  I am thinking of an adapter like this http://www.cypressindustries.com/news_pr_8april.html so then I wouldn't need to worry about finding the right size of fiber cable ?
ComptekhsAuthor Commented:
I just found this page http://www.cypressindustries.com/fiber_optics_cable_products.html would I still need to worry about the fiber size?
Yes, the size should be marked on the fiber, something like: 50/125 or 62/125 (62.5/125).

I assume the existing fiber jumpers were the correct size.
If so, then you can use adapters; although I don't like to use them, not as reliable.

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