need to block some banks credit cards

i have e-shop, and i accept credit cards.
I want that my store be very secure from fraudsters, so i added VBV(Verified By Visa) and MasterCard Secure Code.
But as i know, there are some banks, which sends "payment completed" vars to my server, even user didn't wrote VBV password. I would like to know banks which does that, so i can block those from buying from my store.
If anyone have this list, let me know.
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Most issuing banks will support VBV / MSC, however it is up to the consumer to enroll in this.  Your electronic payment gateway should allow you to block transactions that do not have the VBV / MSC entered, but you will see that this will probably stop almost all the purchases from your website.  Plus VBV / MSC will not protect you from all chargebacks, just some.

If the gateway does not allow this, you should still receive some type of response that the code matched, was not entered, or did not match.  You can then program your cart to reject all the transactions that come back as not entered or did not match.

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With most payment service providers if you do not provide a 3D Secure password (and you have 3D enabled) then you will not get a PAResponse back (PaRes) from the payment service provider.

This will enable you to block all transactions that do not have a PaRes come back.
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