format, ascii comma delimited?

I need someone to reformat a csv or excel file into ascii comma delimited in an ebsic format attached is the layout .
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You can save a file in comma-delimited format directly from Excel (File, Save As...).

Then you'll just need a text editor that can save the file using the EBCDIC character set instead of binary. Google for that. There are plenty of freebie text editors around.

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A .csv file _is_ an ASCII comma-delimited file. If you have a native Excel file, then as dportas says, use Excel's File, Save As, and choose file type "CSV (comma-delimited)" to get to that format, then convert to EBCDIC.

EBCDIC is an alternative character set to ASCII, used primarily on IBM mainframes.
Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
If you have regular need, pervasive have a pretty good set of tools - they were free a few months back - now look like $50 per year..., there is also some MS functions :

or, are you just asking for that file to be converted and sent back ?

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