harddrive spins like crazy

hi my desktop pc with xp harddrive starts spinning like crazy  after it is on  for  a  while  i checked no scan  is taking place and got  60% space left on drive  i have to reboot then it is fine till next  time   can you help  thanks
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First thing you might want to check is whether any indexing is activated.

In MyComputer, right-click on your hard drive, select Properties, the at the bottom make sure Indexing is unchecked.

Go Control Panel > Administration > Services, stop the indexing service, right-click > Properties, deactivate it.

Some third party software may also have their own indexing feature. This concerns mainly Office Suites, Application Launchers, and Quickfind utilities. Check whether any of these have automatic updating of their index enabled.

Then, go to the website of your HD manufacturer and download their diagnostic tool. Run it to make sure there is nothing wrong with the drive.

Hope this helps.
markEAuthor Commented:
ok i unchecked indexing..Go Control Panel > Administration > Services, stop the indexing service, right-click > Properties, deactivate   did  this...  will wait and  see  thanks  for  your  help  hope this  works..
Reboot to make sure all changes are active.

Alos, while testing, you might want to keep the task manager's process list open. Arrange processes acording to their CPU usage by clicking the CPU tab.
Whenever the spinning reappears, you should find the process responsible for it very easily.
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markEAuthor Commented:
ok  thanks  will check and let you know
markEAuthor Commented:
today when i started  my  pc  guess what  same problem  ..looking for  other solutions..used  taskbar manager when this was happening  only  thing using  3 oe 4 % resources was pavjobs.exe part of panda antivirus pro 2009  ...google  forums  said to set to low priority  and disable automatic updates in panda..did  this  will have  to  wait and see  again as this  problem  hapens  only after  several  hours  not set  time..will let  you  know
Anti-viruses when doing their scanning will "beat" the hard drive to death.  Lowering its priority will not change this.  The priority deals with its CPU priority.
markEAuthor Commented:
well i uninstalled  pands antivirus  pro 2009  and replaced it with another one..   no  harddrive spinning  yet..might .have been panda..torimar  your advice was good  about the indexing etc...  might have been  the answer if   i had not had panda installed    what should i do about the points  plz advise..thanks
Are you sure you want to run without an Antivirus package?
a) As a free and very good anti-virus solution I recommend Avast!.
Never, in any AV, have full scans scheduled to run automatically; always run them manually.

b) It looks like you may not have found out that Panda was the culprit had you not used the task manager in the way that I suggested above in my second post (ID:22966922).

c) Reread you original question: " i checked no scan  is taking place "
This is explicitly, from your side, excluding the possibility that an antivirus may be the root of evil here. Had you not formulated your question like that, I would of course have suggested to disable your AV rightaway, together with disabling indexing.

It is not my job to advise you about the points.
I should, however, kindly request you to take a) and b) into consideration when distributing them.

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Sorry, must read:
"I should, however, kindly request you to take b) and c) into consideration when distributing them.
markEAuthor Commented:
good answer trying a few  free  av  to see which one i like and my pc likes  hehe..will try avast also thank you very  much .. great  help  :)
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