Printing Cheque of Different sizes from the same Worksheet

Hi All,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       Present Scenario        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have bank account in 4 banks and at present I am printing my cheques through Excel on a laser printer.

Cheque belonging to each bank are of different size (length and width). On each cheque there are some basic fields (like "Name of Payee, Amount in Figures, Amount in Words, Date, Mode of Payment" etc,  which are to be filled by Cheque issuer. Presently the issuer fills these fields in Data Source sheets (HDFC3772 and SBOP5620) and data is automatically VLOOKUPed in "Cheque" sheet).

At present I am maintaining a "Cheque" sheet "separately" for each bank, where fields have been placed in such a manner (at specified distance and of specified width) that when printed, the value of each fields comes out properly on a blank cheque. Field Values changes according to 'Cheque No' selected from Cell E1.

Required Data is taken from Data Base sheets maintained for each bank (i.e., HDFC3772 and SBOP5620)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>    Now here is What I wish        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

--Sheet named "CPC" (Cheque Printing Configuration) contains, for each bank's cheque, the physical measurements i.e., Size of the Cheque, the distance of each field from top edge and left edge of the cheque, and width of each field. The measurements are to be taken physically by the user at first use. The defined name for the relevant range is "CPCrng".

--Instead of separate "Cheque" sheet for each Bank, there is only one "Cheque" sheet with the above fields on it (or may be Single user form with Text boxes containing the required fields on it)

--G1 on "Cheque" sheet contains Name of the Bank for which Cheques are to be printed.

--Whenever we select the Bank Name from cell G1, the sheet / user form and fields / text boxes thereon are automatically resized / redistanced as per the dimensions provided for that Bank in sheet CPC. Off course the Field values will then be based on Cheque No in Cell E1, as at present.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   Notes  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
--The sample sheet contains the Data Source Sheet for 2 banks only.
--Source Data for each bank surely will continue to reside in separate sheets.
--Name of Data Source worksheets and Heading of "CPCrng" are exactly the same.
--Cheque List in cell E1 has been configured to adjust for data source as per Bank Name selected in G1.
--If the proposed solution needs "user form and text boxes", then kindly tell how the formulae will be used in those text boxes, as presently I don't know how to do that.
--A sample file alogwith the desired format has been provided.

CA Kanwaljit Singh Dhunna
Kanwaljit DhunnaCAAsked:
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i suggest you use cheque printing software which in available online
Kanwaljit DhunnaCAAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot. But that does solve my problem, as I am distribute the files to other users too and they can't afford to spend on some paid software. So I am trying to centralize and solve the problem myself.

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