Multithreading in VB6

Hi All

I have VB6 application.  Now I needed to incorporate multi threading procedure.  Can any one help me to find the multi threading sample code?

Ultimately I want to make two wide (lengthy) images scrolling from right to left.  Please download the sample activex components which do the same.  URL: But the problem is it would not support images to scroll and it will not rise any event when scrolling is completed.  

I need to do this asap.  Please help me!

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VB6 (and earlier) does not have direct support for free threading, and in fact, because of restrictions in the runtime, free threading of VB6 components is not possible. What VB6-authored components do have access to is apartment-model threading. In fact, a VB exe that attempts to run no additional tasks outside its own execution thread is said to be in a STA, or Single Threaded Apartment, execution space. When VB apps do spawn multiple simultaneous execution paths they are said to occur in an MTA, or Multi-Threaded Apartment.
For more information on Threading in VB6 see:

Another usefull resource
A Thread to Visual Basic: Multi-Threading In VB5 and VB6
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