X206 boot problem with multiple SCSI cards

I'm having a problem with an IBM x206 Server (8482-2MU)

We have had the system in production for some time now, Running a 3 disk RAID 5 Array with the internal SCSI Adapter and an IBM ServeRAID 6i controller.. annd Windows Server 2003 Standard. We also had a second SCSI Controller (ADAPTEC 29320-LP) which was controlling an internal Tape Drive.

We had the requirement to install more drives for another RAID 1 Array, however the Chassis of the x206 we have only supports 3 drives, so I decided to Purchase 2 scsi drives and run them off of the secondary ADAPTEC SCSI Controller.

The problem I'm having is that Once the new drives are in ready state, the system attempts to boot off of these drives, and not the existing Serveraid controller at all.. I've been into the BIOS and attempted to change the Hard disk boot options, I had 2 choices .

Legacy Add-in  Cards
IBM ESXS Disk Drive (Which is the new drives I installed)

I suspected that if i changed the boot order of these drives to put hte Legacy Add In cards option first it would fix it, but no deal...

Upon bootup, the Adaptec SCSI Controller gets initialized first, and then the IBM Serveraid Controller gets initialized, Is there any way to switch this order?

Does anyone have ANY ideas? I was going to try and trick the system, putting a boot sector on the new drives, but pointing them towards the existing Serveraid drives, but the boot.ini file reference is the same on both ..

Anyone have any ideas?
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andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Is there an option to disable the BIOS on the card you don't want to boot from? That's the normal way of stopping a server trying to boot from the wrong card. The other way that may work is to swap the boards in the PCI slots so they get enumerated differently - can't do it with an integrated RAID controller though.

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