Unable to format secondary drive Seagate 1.5tb


I just bought a new harddrive from Seagate 1.5 tb and ive been struggling with it to get it work last night I tried to do a complete format on it but for some reason it gives me an error"Format unable to complete"

Im using Vista 64bits (ultimate) and ive tried to format through the diskmanagement / cmd and just by right clicking on it in explorer same error if i choose quick formatl.

if i untick the quick format checkbox option then it will go slowly as hell and later on crash after some hours maybe I should try do that again?

What im looking for now is a solution of this problem maybe a thirt part application can format fast and good?

Regards Clooak
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most third-party partitioning tools are commercial, but GParted is a good, sound and free partition manager:

Boot from the live CD, select your new HD, select the NTFS file format and go ahead.

Other free partitioning tools may be found on the Ultimate Boot CD: www.ultimatebootcd.com
but they mostly have no graphical IDE.
It sounds like there is a defect on the actual HDD itself. If you have just bought it I would consider taking it back and swapping it.
torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is one precaution that should be taken when using GParted or any other partitioning tool like it:
When you change your mind or find that you have given an incorrect command, ALWAYS use the Undo function until no changes remain to be applied, then redo from scratch.
GParted (and others) queue all commands and execute them in the order they received them; so when you correct an erroneous command, not undo it, the incorrect command will be executed first, then the corrected one.
This is the main source of data disaster that happens when people are not used to using such delicate tools.
Before you take it back and swapping it, try to format it in another computer, i mean OS. If you have a xp, get in start-run-cmd and try with "format d: /u"  
clooakAuthor Commented:
Very good i was trying for some days to solve the issue and all i had to do was to boot off a linux dist and format the drive.
Very good, easy and understandable answer
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