Installation Problem of Redhat Satellite Server with regards to Satellite Cert


I am trying to set up a redhat satellite server at home.

The installation went pretty well until it started asking me the location of the satellite cert.

* Activating Satellite.
Where is your satellite certificate file?

Do i have to create a Cert or do i have to ask Redhat for a cert?

I do have login access to redhat network.

Please, guide me.
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Michael WorshamConnect With a Mentor Infrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
For the RHEL Satellite Server and it's license, you have to purchase one from RedHat or your RedHat Business vendor. List price for Satellite server is $13,500 (USD) annually.



The RHEL Satellite Server is only for RedHat Enterprise OS servers. If you are wanting just to provision Fedora and/or CentOS servers, then I recommend taking a look at RedHat's Open Source Satellite Server project formally called 'Spacewalk'.

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FAQ: What's the difference between Satellite and Spacewalk?
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