Replacing Cisco router with Sonicwall


We are going to be replacing our Cisco router with a Sonicwall NSA 2400. My question is, can I configure the Sonicwall with the same IP address as the Cisco or will it need a different one?

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Of course, you can use the same ip address, same default gateway, same dns. at least, if you are going to have the same network.  But, you can't use the cisco router in the same network.

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Do you mean use the same IP on the two devices at the same time or simply take the Cisco out, put the Sonicwall in and assign it the same IP that the Cisco device used to have?
If you mean at the same time then no you couldn't share the IP without using some kind of redundancy protocol i.e VRRP etc - not sure if Sonicwalls support this though.
If you mean can you remove one and replace with the other, then as mentioned  by felny, yes you can reuse the IP address on the new device providing the old device has been decommissioned. There will be a very small delay whilst ARP sorts itself out bit this will be a few seconds, other than that it should be fine.
Hugh FraserConsultantCommented:
If you are willing to take the outage, or have alternate routing paths, you can remove the Cisco router and replace it with the Sonicwall giving it the same address. If not, give it a different address, and remove the Cisco router later.

There can be some wrinkles with the staged approach. For instance, if the Cisco router is the default gateway for hosts behind it, they'll need to be changed. Where you do this depends upon where they get their information (local or DHCP). Some knowledge about your environment will help point out some potential pitfalls.

If you're replacing the Cisco router with the Sonicwall to get some of the security features, you may want to think about staging it to allow you to configure some of those features ahead of time and test it before putting it into production. There's a lot that can disrupt traffic.
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jglenn49Author Commented:
The Cisco is coming out and the Sonicwall is going in. Other than that noting else will be changed. I'm planning on doing it tomorrow afternoon so the down time won't disrupt anybody.
Ok, we are going to be here for you my friend. I hope everything goin on FINE tomorrow.
jglenn49Author Commented:
The router is in using the old IP address and everything seems to be working fine. Now I just have to figure out the VPN setup and website and port blocking. Thanks for all you help guys.

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