How do I call a VBA subroutine from Javascript

I have  a PowerPoint VBA add-in that includes a webbrowser control.  In the webbrowser document there is a Javascript function that, when called, should pass information to a subroutine in the VBA.  How can this be done?
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You should use the COMAddIns collection (check 'COMAddIn Object' in VBA Help). Create an object and tag it to the COM object as in the code below. Now use appropriate Properties and Methods to return information from it.
Example (from the VBA Help)
The following example returns the object associated with the COM add-in 'msodraa9.ShapeSelect.'

Dim objBaseObject As Object
Set objBaseObject = _

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StarDusterIIAuthor Commented:
But the question would be, how do you access that object from the Javascript function?
Not sure if I understood the problem. It would look something like below
When you start Powerpoint application from your script you, probably, do something like below
var thePPApp = new ActiveXObject("Powerpoint.Application");
Then you should be able to use the reference to this object to access any functionality of Powerpoint (switch on the Powerpoint library while coding), which would include objects and their properties and methods.
e.g. thePPapp.Presentations(1).Run
To access VBA project items (like forms) use VBProject object
If it does not work for your browser then you may use a VBScript, which can be called from Javascript and certainly can manipulate VBA routines.
StarDusterIIAuthor Commented:
You're almost there... I created the Javascript in a webbrowser control on a user form.  In the Javascript I have:

var thePPApp = new ActiveXObject("Powerpoint.Application");

My problem was that I had the addQuestion subroutine in the user for and not the module.  Apparently it must be in a module and not a class or user form.  You pass data (ie questionID) with as many parameters as you need in the thePPApp.Run statement.

Thanks for the update.
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