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mySQL exception in C# app, what's wrong with my syntax?

Hello -

I am trying to update a table with the code below and I keep getting the following exception:

"You have an error in your SQL syntax: check the manual that <SNIP>... for the right syntax to use near "Versed 5 mg/ml ' at line 1.

Notice the  " and ' surrounding the  medication.

If I change the syntax to

"where AnestheticMedNum = ' " 

it still bombs

Any suggestions?


(NOTE: the code window edited out the plus signs so the "t's" denote plus signs

/// <summary>Updates the table anesthmedsinventory with the new quantity adjustment</summary>
		public static void updateMed_adj(string anesthMedName, double newQty, double qtyOnHand)
				double adjQty = newQty + qtyOnHand;
				string command = "UPDATE anesthmedsinventory set QtyOnHand = " t adjQty t  "where AnestheticMedNum = " t DataConnection.getMedNum(anesthMedName,adjQty);  

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1 Solution
I would suggest you to convert the doubles to string before adding it to the command

string command = "UPDATE anesthmedsinventory set QtyOnHand = " + Convert.ToString(adjQty) +  "where AnestheticMedNum = " + Convert.ToString(DataConnection.getMedNum(anesthMedName,adjQty));  

Now debug and copy the string stored in command. Run it in query analyzer or what ever tool to check if it runs fine.
wjstarckAuthor Commented:
Looks like the getMedNum code is returning null which is creating the problem, because if I replace it with "1" everything works properly. Also I needed to put a space between the " and AnestheticMednum = " like so " AnestheticMedNum = "

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