copy tables/views inside Oracle 10g

How I can copy tables/view from database to database inside Oracle 10g ?

Source database on server
Target database in client
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SujithConnect With a Mentor Data ArchitectCommented:
You can use any of the following methods
1. import/export
2. CREATE TABLE <table name> AS SELECT * FROM <table name>@<db link name>
Here you need to have a db link between your client database and the server database.

Naveen KumarConnect With a Mentor Production Manager / Application Support ManagerCommented:
also you can use sql*plus copy ( NOT a sql command ) command in the target client database as shown below :

sample example for the same is

SQL> copy from scott/tiger@ORCL92 -
     to scott/tiger@ORCL92-
     create new_emp 
     using select * from emp;

See the below links with detailed information on  the same :*Plus_FAQ#How_does_one_copy_data_from_one_database_to_another_in_SQL.2APlus.3F

also from 10g, you can use expdp/impdp ( export dump/import dump utilities ) which offer a lot of new features when compared to traditional export and import.
interbusAuthor Commented:
If I want to copy whole database from source to target
SujithData ArchitectCommented:
with option full=Y
interbusAuthor Commented:
Hello sujith80

This is a command or what ?
with option full=Y
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