internet mails are not coming(gmail,hotmail) except exchange mailbox users

hi all,

i recently implement exchange 2003 sp2 in my oragnisation with os as windows server 2003r2.
i create one smtp connector and allow send and receive mails to all domain.that means no restriction on any mailbox. but the problem is that my all mailbox enabled users are able  to send mail to any domain like yahoomail,gmail,hotmail but thay are not able to receivemail from any domain accept my own exchange doamin. means if they send mail to hotmail id. the mail sent successfully..when when some body replied them mail will not come from any domain. i m not deployed any restriction over any mailbox. can any body help me out to trace this problem.
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What are your relay restrictions?   Are you allowing incoming connections?   Do you see these emails sitting in the queues someplace?
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
i nvevr put such rstriction ,

when i expand my backend or frontend exchange server and check queue i donot found any email .
On your SMTP Connector settings   Is your Delivery Restrictions set to "Accepted" from everyone?  Address Space = *

Also,  In your Default SMTP Virtual Server Propertis in the RElay section  do you allow "Only the list below" which is empty,  and check the box for Allow All computers which successfully authenticate to relay, regardless of the list above?

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with mail being received internally only, but you have setup an smtp connector and can send mail i have to ask if external setup of mail has been completed? does your domain name mx record point to your server and is port 25 routed to your server from your firewall?

there is no mention of this in the question and the inbound mail could be being routed to a completely different server!

only if this is inplace and tested could you progess further to isolate a delivery problem within exhange.
the lack of a bounce back or delivery failure is an indication it is being delivered somewhere. if you have just implemented exchange where was your mail previously delivered? the old delivery location (mail host provider) may still be in effect
RavinderPanchalAuthor Commented:
there are still some old mailbox are in effect and some restirction i found also..

i rectified it and now things are looking good

Thanks for reply
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