how to put a web cam on a web site

I purchased a wireless web cam - Linksys WVC200 and have it tested and working in my house. I want to bring this web camera out to our cabin and set it up in the front window so that I can log in through my web site (along with anyone else) and find out what's going on.
I have a high speed internet connection there, a Linksys wireless router which works fine. The public IP address is not static.
I don't understand the dynamic DNS thing though I know that, that is what I need to set up. That is the first part

The 2nd part is integrating it with a web site or page. I have a web site that I host that I would like to put a public link there.
With this camera, you can move it around with the web controls. Very cool if it was on a web site.
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Okey Dokey,

This question really is worth a lot more than 125 points, but here we go.
You don't have a fixed IP - That's no problem at all.

There is a website called - The way is works is you set up a free account with them and then download their free DNS update tool.

When your computer connects to the Internet their program contacts their servers. Using your username and password it associates your WAN IP address (that's your public Internet IP address) and associates it with your account and the domain names you are hosting.

You can purchase your own domain name from whomever you want and point the nameservers to,, etc... (This costs about $27 for a year)

Or, you can use a third level domain name which provide free of charge. A third level domain looks something like this: or something like Instead of the or they have a list of many other names you can choose from.

Next you need to make sure that your router is configured to point port 80 to the internal IP address of your web server. This will be something like 192.168.x.x or maybe 10.x.x.x

In order to be able to view your website using your domain name from inside your network you will need a DNS server but this is not essential as from inside your network you should be able to view your website using it's IP address and directory name. This will look something like:

Unless you have an internal DNS server do not expect to be able to view your site using the URL or

There are several reasons for this which I won't go into here.

You will need to ask friends on the Internet if they can browse your website as you will be unable to check this yourself unless you can either remote control another computer using remote desktop or other, or have a laptop to use in a free wireless hotspot.

You should check your domain is up and running before you go any further.

If you want to be able to view your house for security there are in fact a number of security cam's that can do this for you. They do not need a web server as they have one built in and a simple user interface for configuration.

If you intend to use an off-the-shelf cheep web cam, it will need to be kept in doors and will need to connect to a web server. Your website will need to run software similar to Adobe Media Server, which though simple to program when you know how can take a bit of effort to get to grips with and you will have to get your hands dirty with a bit of programming (which is fun!)

There might be other 3rd party software packages available but as a networking and security and programming guy I wouldn't know what to recommend....

All the best
Sci-Fi Si

P.S. There is quite a combination of technologies involved here from network configuration and DNS to webdesign and security. There just too much for me to type but I have tried to describe all the steps as clearly as I can.

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