How do I get the caller ID to show name and number to PSTN with a Cisco Call Manager/Quintum configuration?

I have a Cisco Call Manager that uses a Quintum Tenor DX 2400 as the gateway to the PSTN.  The caller ID name and number does not show the originator information but instead it shows the number and name of our Main PRI number.

example- caller with a number of 816.238.8783 dials a PSTN number and the caller ID on the remote end shows up as 816.595.5108 and TBN.

The outgoing PRI circuit is owned by TBN and 816.595.5108 is the first number of the 50 DIDs assigned to the PRI.
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Joel_SiskoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand you correctly when you call someone via the PSTN with the call originating from your Call Manger, the called party is receiving the Main number but you want that to be the DID of the person who is originating the call?

The first thing you need to do is ask the carrier if they can support this feature, that is allowing you to set the calling number. Just for future reference the main number is usually known as the BTN or Bill To Number which is usually what is set by the carrier to display to users when you call them. So when you talk to TBN let them know you want to modify the CID for outbound calls via the PRI not to be the BTN.

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