Problems with SEP 11.0.3011.2224 and Windows 2008 File Server hanging/disconnecting shares

We recently implemented a new Windows 2008 file server. We utilize DFS paths for mapping and redirecting access to files. eg. redirect mydocuments and application data to file server and also drive mapping to file shares via DFS paths. We installed the SEP 11.0.3001.2224 client and was only using the antivirus/antispam portion. Our end users (about 50 Windows XP SP2 with SEP 11.0.3001.2224 antivirus/antispam portion and about 45 Windows 2003 SP2 Terminal Server users) encountered daily disconnects from all network shares and about once/day our whole network would pretty much hang up with all users unable to function. Rebooting the Windows 2008 file server would get everyone back up and running - pretty much had to have everyone log off/on again to their workstation to get reconnected. This would happen between 2 and 4 times per day. Other symptoms included permission change issues, etc. You can imagine how my popularity rating in our organization plummeted while this kind of crap was going on!

Out of desperation, I brought our Windows Server/Hardware consultant in and we tried many different things to rectify the problem for a few days but nothing made a difference. In "Googling" the problem, I got onto the SEP 11.0 trail. I have since uninstalled the SEP 11.0.3011.2224 client and voila "No more hanging/disconnection issues". We have been using this product successfully on Windows 2003 servers since MR2 came out, but with the new Windows 2008 server, this product has been a nightmare.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, suggestions on how to make this problem go away would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance to all who can help out!
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Darius GhassemCommented:
I have experienced this issue on multiple systems. I have tried MR3 and still had no luck we have now moved to McAfee Total Protection on all servers since this has been a big issue with SEP. MS recommends to fully remove this product and not to use it at all on server products. Symantec has no fix for the problems. I have been on multiple posts that people of had serious issues with SEP. I hate to tell you this but you need to look at another company for AV.
arnold739Author Commented:
Thanks for your response dariusq. I believe you are right - I have not phoned Symantec support because I am too busy to spend 1 -3 hours waiting on the line to get to someone who has a hope of fixing the bugs. When you say that you moved to McAfee Total Protection for your servers, did you still maintain SEP on all of your client machines? And if so, did they play well together?
Thanks again for your honest comments.
Darius GhassemCommented:
Yes, I kept the SEP on the client machines since we already paid for the SEP product. Since then we have moved some over to McAfee fully including clients. The McAfee on the servers and SEP on the clients gave us no problems at all.

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arnold739Author Commented:
Thanks for your help and insight with this problem.
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