Syssetup.inf layout is corrupt or missing.. Any idea how to get it back???

I have reinstalled windows 2000 on a new hard drive and when it is starting, I have a Fatal error saying that Syssetup.inf layout is corrupt or missing.

Any Idea how to fix it??
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Test your HD's using their manufacturer's diag tool. Also test your RAM using memtest86+. You'll find all those tools on the UBCD.

If all the above tests out good, try another setup CD or CD drive.
ZJuanSAuthor Commented:
Now everything seems to be back but my pc is rebootting by itself everythime I tur it on... It pass the Windows log but then reboots and keeps doing the same thing... Any Idea???
Did you run any of the tests above? Just running them wouldn't change anything.... Did you do any changes?
ZJuanSAuthor Commented:
Yes but now the issue is that the pc reboots itself. I have no idea of what may be causing this...
Reboots can be caused by many issues, like bad RAM, a bad HD, corrupt installation of the OS...

Did the memory test show any errors? Did the Disk test show errors?

Boot the PC with a LiveCD like knoppix, mepis, puppylinux or the ubcd4win,

look for *.dmp files on your HD, zip them and upload them using the link below:

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