Setting up a Computer Room

I am trying to design a room to house 20 laptops with individual carrels that can be easily reconfigured.  

For example, at one point we may need to have four groups of four laptops, each group on a single table, with each group hidden from other groups by partitions.  At another point, we might need to have all 20 laptops separated from one another, all behind individual partitions.

Any thoughts as to the best way to design such a room?  Or perhaps specific vendors that might have products that we could use?  Googling "computer carrel" doesn't seem to turn up much that's configurable (i.e. most seem to have either 2 or 3 solid walls that can't be removed at will).
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you want movable cubicles.

SOmething that can be easily changed as needed.

I hope this helps !
richdiesalProfessorAuthor Commented:
Well...  I Googled movable cubicles and only came up with which is not really what I was looking for.  :)
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richdiesalProfessorAuthor Commented:
That search produces a lot of people talking about them but no one to actually buy any from...  cubicle also brings to mind something much larger than I really want...  we only need about 2-4 sq. feet of table space (enough for the computer, keyboard, monitor, mouse, and chair - and nothing else).  Think of a standardized testing center kind of configuration.

Are there no standard vendors for this sort of thing?  Like if I asked for computer parts, you'd say newegg.  Do cubicle vendors not exist?
The vendor you seek is a furniture supplier who specializes in re-configurable/flexible meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc.

Try to find a local dealer for Haworth.  Their 'if' and 'Tactics' systems may be appropriate.  They have many systems from executive offices to conference rooms to hospital lobbies.  Also, if the dealer is large enough to carry Haworth, they will carry many other reputable manufacturer lines as well.

You can't buy this type of furniture off-the-shelf, like running into a local office supply store.

You should prepare a sketch (with dimensions) of the existing room, including doors (and swing direction), windows.  Plus sketches of equipment (computers, monitors).

At the very least, the furniture rep will have their designers draw up scale layouts with the proposed furniture.  If the space is big enough, they will request architect's drawings.

Keep in mind, these services are meant for serious customers, not the type who will take drawings and shop for alternatives, or build it themselves.

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richdiesalProfessorAuthor Commented:
Part of the problem though is that I am putting together a budget proposal for a future hypothetical room and won't know the physical dimensions of the space I'm working with until about two weeks before I need the install (likely Fall 2009).

But anyway... this is just the kind of info I was looking for.  Thanks!
Most commercial furniture (except quick-ship) will take 6-8 weeks, 11-12 weeks for some executive offices.  Even "quick-ship" means 1-2 weeks from the factory.

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