Connect T1 (Nuvox) to Cisco UC520 (T1/E1 Card)?

I've got a dumb question as I'm setting up a Cisco UC520 system for my company.  I've got everything set up and working except for the connection from the system to our T1.  We use Nuvox as our provider and have 6 voice channels on the T1 and the rest are data.  Obviously the data demarc goes into our firewall, but we are trying to figure out how to connect from the voice demarc (looks like a RJ45 jack) into the T1/E1 card in our Cisco box.  Do we just use a straight-through RJ48?  Thanks for any guidance you can provide to a rookie!
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brianuncConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Needed to be converted to a PRI
Treat it like a standard T1. Use a straight throught T1 cable.
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