Crystal Reports 11 How to keep together (same page) two details sections

I have a CR 11 report that has a Details Section with Details "a" and Details "b", each detail section has a subreport "a" and subreport "b" on it, it works just fine.
What I'm trying to accomplish is even if the data doens't fit into one page can I still keep em together on the same page.

What I mean is subreport a has half of the page filled with data and subreport b should start just after the subreport a  and what is doind is showing subrep a on one page and subrep b on the following page.

At this point I have tried the following.
Go into main report on the section expert and choose Main Details and check Keep together and leave the Details a and b keep together option unchecked. and it doesn't work.
Also make sure both subreports has it's own details section "keep together option uncheck" and doesn't work either

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
THe subreport object also has a KEEP TOGETHER

Right click the subreport object in the main report
On the COMMON tab uncheck the KEEP TOGETHER option

ranhellAuthor Commented:
excellent genius, thanks
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