Change "Save as type:" back to original ".jpg"

In Photopaint the default "Save to type:" was always .jpg. Then I made an animated .gif file and save it as a .gif. Now everything defaults to .gif and it's getting tedious trying to remember to Look everytime which I don't.
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stehardy88Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It should default to the type of the file you have opened or the type of the last file save as operation.
 To reset things, try doing an F8-restart. Close PhotoPaint if it is open, hold down the F8 key and restart PhotoPaint while keeping the F8 key pressed until you get a dialogue inviting you to reset it to default values. Accept this and it should clear up the problem.
theoldguy000Author Commented:
The solution was short, prcise and perfect. After monts I was left with re-installing PP.This was the backdoor to all of that. Thank you so much. I've been using Corel since 3 first came out. Fred_
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