5 beeps at boot - what does it mean?

Earlier today I bought a used office pc from a office supply shop.

When I booted the PC at home, nothing came up on the monitor.  No text appeared on the screen during the post.  I looked over the PC again and noticed that it seemed to have 2 video cards.  I removed the video card for which I do not posses a cable and rebooted the machine.

The following errors were then posted...

"Intel (r) PCI Accelerated SVGA BIOS
Build Number:2919 PC Dev 03/13/2003
Decompilation Or Disassembly Prohibited
Copy Right NVIDIA model P150

When I rebooted the PC, it beeps 5 times and repeats after a breif pause.

Can anyone tell me what the beeping is about?  

Thanks,  ggordon777
Gary GordonSolution IntegratorAsked:
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It can change from motherboard to motherboard. Who makes yours and more importantly who makes your BIOS ?
You need to find out what bios brand on your system and then check beepcode error.
Manufacturers all define their own beep codes.  You need to find the manual for your motherboard model.  It will contain the set of beep codes defined for your MB.  From the message you posted it appears that it's probably an Intel board, but the model will be more helpful to determine what the 5 short beeps mean.  If you can locate a manual at intel's website it will tell you or you can post your model number and I'll try to get you a link.  The MB model should be stamped on the MB itself.  Since you have pulled a Video Card yourself you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Let us know!
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I would suggest reseating all cards and RAM, since during the move, something may have come loose.
Also remove any cards not critical to the boot process ( Modem , extra USB or similar )

I hope this helps !

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Gary GordonSolution IntegratorAuthor Commented:
Punky/Tibble/TakenDown:  I will check out the motherboard and see if I can identify it.

SysExpert:  I will remove the unnecessary cards and try again.  The beeps didn't start until after I removed a the NIVIDIA card.  Maybe something else became loose when I removed the card.

All:  I will check on all of the above and then post back.

Gary GordonSolution IntegratorAuthor Commented:
The ram was not seated properly.  Machine booted nicely after re-seating.  Thanks to all for the input, ggordon777
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