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Communicator client - disable communicator call and make "other" the default number

Hi all,
        We have OCS 2007 in RCC mode with Cisco CM - all working happily (apart from a few normalisation aoddities - which we'll sort out eventually)

Anyhoo - there are 2 things we would dearly love to do within the communicator 2007 UI - i dont think they can be done - but, im hoping someone can tell me im wrong.

1) We have mapped the IPPhone AD attribute to the "other" phone field within the address book - and we would like this to be the default number people dial when clicking on the phone icon. Currently this defaults to whatever was used last for each contact. We could always populate the registry to make every contact go back to the IP Phone, but its not really elegant. Does anyone now if this can be done some other way?

2) We would like to remove communicator calls from the UI (or disable it), however wwe still want people to be able to chat in live meetings. This is simply because some users will get confused with the additional option, and not all usrs have headsets etc.
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1 Solution
For 1.   Maybe make the phone number on the general tab the IP phone number.
2.  Ensure you have the Communicator 2007 6.0.6362.97 hotfix release (Oct 2008) installed.  Then use the reg key TelephonyMode=4 to disable PC2PC calls
HayesJupeAuthor Commented:
wasnt aware of number 2.... will try that out - thanks. (was aware that the key existed, but wasnt aware that it disabled communicator calls with that patch)

As far as #1 - can remap to a different number, but unfortunately the reg history still sets the default number to the last one dialed for each contact.
HayesJupeAuthor Commented:
Thanks - disappointing there isnt a nice solution for the 2nd part of the question.... but hey, maybe in OCS 20xx (doesnt look like it will be in R2!)
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