EFS Server 2003

I'm setup EFS on a file on Srv2003, when I try to add a user to be able toopen the file I get this error messsage ( No appropriate Certificates correspond to the selected user).  What do I need to do to fix this?
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You need to get the user to encrypt a file - any file - a dummy file will do - this will then generate their certificate.
noadAuthor Commented:
You are so correct, I already did it and it worked!
Thanks fo ryou quick reply
Lorenzo CricchioPresidentCommented:
Note, that copying or creating a file intothe folder does create the cert, however, you must be on the server where the file is in order to get the user in the list.  I attempted to do this from a diff server(the ad controller) vs the server the folder was actually located on and it failed.  When I switched to the server where the folder is located and gave the permissions (rt click, properties, advanced, details, then add, the users name was then there.
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