Cannot see network from kubuntu guest

I am running kubuntu 8 on vmware workstation with a windows vista host. The kubuntu vm cannot ping any address on the network
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aldanchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What's the output when you run ifconfig -a ?

Verify that your Kubuntu VM's network adapter's Device Status is has Connected (and Connected on Power On) checked.

Also, what network connection are you using? Bridged, NAT, Host only, or Custom?

If it's bridged, do you have a device issuing IP addresses (DHCP) on your bridged network?
Is it picking up an IP address?
mgoodspeedAuthor Commented:
An upgrade to Windos Vista broke the DHCP service for VMWare. A re-install of vmware solved the porblem
I see. I wasn't aware that you had upgraded to Vista with VMware Workstation already on it. Good job in getting this to work.
mgoodspeedAuthor Commented:
aldnach: thanks for your post. I did all of the things you suggested before noticing that the service wasn't running. When I attempted to start the VMware DHCP service through the services console, it wouldn't start, so figured the upgrade had broken it. Am going to award you the points
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