How do I add rss feed with ExpressionsWeb2?

Hello everyone,

I have recently begun creating a website for my office using expressions web 2.  I want to display rss feeds on the home page but I don't know how to do it.  I would prefer to use expressions web to accomplish this..... if it's possible....  

I'd also like to "fancy-up" the rss feed later on... but I think those questions are best saved for later and more points.  

Thanks in advance,
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lowtechAttyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Even though my question wasn't as much a question as a development situation, I appreciate your taking the time to break it down for me and point me in the right direction.

Thanks Ray,


Ray PaseurCommented:
An RSS Feed is an XML file.  Looks like Expressions helps with this, in terms of putting the feed on the site.

But there is the little matter of what, exactly, you want to publish in the RSS feed.  If you give us some more information on that maybe we can offer more concrete assistance.

Best, ~Ray
lowtechAttyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response Ray and for the link,

What I want to do is take the rss feeds from different legal or news websites and display their two or three most recent entries on the side of the home page.  But I don't want to have a home page that's a mile long.  So I thought it'd be cool to have the rss entries slowly scroll up inside a fixed window.

I've seen different expresssions web help files dealing with rss feeds.  But I still haven't had any luck.    

The help files talked about adding an xml file to your data source library.  But I didn't have an xml file.  So I went to the feed page of a site I liked.  I viewed its source code, it was an xml doc.  Then I saved it as an xml doc in my web folder and
added the xml file to my data source library.  

Then I selected where I wanted the data to appear in the design view.  I clicked the xml file in the data source library and selected show data.  Then I selected different fields.  

When I do this, I can get the data into the webpage.  But the data doesn't update, is not clickable, and runs about a mile down the screen.        

I know I'm doing something wrong here.  Any help getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.  

Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, Aaron.  This is not really a question, so much as it is an application development situation.  Here are the pieces you will need to bring together.

Scrolling window - probably best to use Javascript.  Something from the Dynamic Drive library will undoubtedly do the trick.

Accessing RSS feeds from news web sites (some will require a license or payment, and may include advertising in their content) - a web application of some sort is needed to read the foreign feed and decide what parts of it should be replicated in your feed.  This application will extract the XML nodes you want to present and repackage them into a consolidated XML file in RSS format.  You will probably want to connect this to a data base of some sort, so your data acquisition and presentation can be asynchronous - otherwise your site will have to deal in real time with issues like "What do I do if the data source goes dark?"

You probably don't want to display the XML right on your site - just a link to the XML, so people with RSS reader programs can subscribe to the feed.  But if you do want to display the XML, you will want a thing called XSL translation - a specialized style sheet to give the XML a "look-and-feel" that is in consonance with the rest of your site.

Expressions Web doesn't seem to have these capabilities baked in, so you might want to look for application development services.  For some additional background information, you can read up on Podcasting - it's a specialized form of RSS that has proven to be very popular.

Best of luck with your project, ~Ray
Ray PaseurCommented:
Well, sometimes things that seem simple actually have a lot of moving parts.  I would get a professional programmer involved if it were my responsibility - this is not something you can talk through in a small number of man-hours! ~Ray
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