Does anyone know where I can try an Apple Wiki Server demo?

Our school is investigating using an Apple Xserve as a wiki server.  We have been using Google sites and Wordpress and they have offered many rich features for collaborative school work.  

We do not wish to buy a server without first seeing a demonstration of the true functionality of this new service.  Does anyone know where we can access a demo server?  Somewhere we can log in and try it out?

Any advice appreciated,

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calltmsCommented: is the site for Apple's Wiki Server software. They don't really have demos of everything, as that's how cracks for the demos get generated and there's one less piece of software that's being sold. Or it's because they're mean, I haven't figured it out yet - but they definitely don't advertise demos. You may be able to call Apple's 800 number to get more information and at least they could maybe offer you a video conference demo where you can see it operate.
Or maybe the Apple Store near you has a demo you can check out. That's a possibility too - especially since I believe Apple's Wiki Server is one of the things the geniuses are able to train endusers on.
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