Centralized File Synchronization XP

We have a number of remote laptop users running XP who connect to our network via VPN connections to our Windows 2003 network.

In the past, we've used Windows Offline files to syncronize various folders, but have had issues with stability and lack of centrialized management.

Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendation for software that would allow:
 - An IT service desk tech to setup and manage file syncronization as well as the user performing the actual sync's as needed.
- The establishment of quotas on the total size of the folders being sync'd.  We've had issues with users trying to sync 4-8 GB of data and being unhappy with the stability/performance.
- The file structures to be maintained on both the source and target folders (unlike the XP offline folders)
- A visual way to see what is in and out of sync.

Thanks in advance.
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tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft has a free tool called sync toy.  It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that other sync tools have but I've found it's a good replacement for offline files.

However, if you want something more robust I would go with ViceVersa, they have a trial version that works fine for testing.

Hope that helps,
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