Image size issue

I don't know why but at times when i take pictures with my cam i get the image size in kbs approx 350kb
but some other times it comes MB ? like 1.8 , 2.3 MB etc. It becomes extremely difficult to handle.
any way to adjust it ? can we custom set it ?
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TK-77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I downloaded the manual for this camera and on page 30 it describes the different resolutions that you can select. I didn't see where you can set a default resolution, but if it is like my Powershot S2 camera, it remembers the last resolution you used.

Experiment with the different resolutions (L, M1, M2, M3, S) to find a file size/quality you like and then stick with that. I'm guessing that "M3" (1600x1200) will work well for you.

If you need the manual, I can upload it.

thirst4truthAuthor Commented:
But both will be in good quality It is not that those images in Kb are of inferior quality.
I want the images to be in kbs.
thirst4truthAuthor Commented:
Thank you tk
it works the same way

yes 1200X1600 works for me.
Thank You
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